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Der Leutn. Hinweg fast nur Trab, Kopfweh u. Reiten etwa 1h diese Stellungen ab, die hinter der eigentlichen Feuerlinie liegen u. Vormarsch zum Stehen zu bringen. In Demby [?


Daheim lege [ich] mich sofort aufs Stroh. Abends meint der Hptm. Mittwoch, 7. Wozu das alles? Mannheimer in Mainz. It describes in detail and spectacularly illustrates the tournaments, staged battles including an elaborate naval scene , balls and banquets, held at Vienna to honour the visit of Albrecht V Duke of Bavaria , son-in-law of Emperor Ferdinand I and brother-in-law of King Maximilian of Bohemia Emperor Maximilian II from onwards. Some light browning and marginal fingerstaining; a few tears or flaws to the plates reinforced or rebacked.

Bastrig[o] ; gifted to Bernhard Kulmer by his sister Barbara Poltus, but returned to Bastrig in "as he will not allow the gift, and has a better right to the book". Latterly in the library of the Viennese collector Werner Habel with his handwritten and stamped ownership to the new flyleaf. Ruggieri Brunet Suppl. II, BNHCat F Mayer I, 88f. Watanabe EUR 28, Friedell hatte das Manuskript dieser als Hommage an H. Beiliegend ein Exemplar der Erstausgabe.

Rottensteiner, Art. Science Fiction-Literatur seit , hg. Lorenz Frankfurt a. EUR 4, Einige davon sind datiert und beschriftet, u. Dezember ".

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Not only would Haydn direct and produce the performances, but he would compose his own works, as well as adapting those of other composers - usually choosing dramma giocoso - to suit the forces at his disposal. This often meant composing insertion arias - such as the present work - to suit the voice of a particular singer: around twenty such arias survive, dating from to , although only a handful are written for bass or tenor.

Provenance: Professor Theodor Dielitz presentation and authentication inscription; Dielitz's substantial autograph collection was auctioned by Hartung in Berlin in January , given to a Dr Pribil as a duplicate, 1 January Last in the Metropolitan Opera Guild Collection. Elizabeth Hospital, founded in and operating to the present day. It lists the incoming women patients day by day, stating their names, age, civil status, birthplace, address, place of work and medical condition.

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At the end of each entry is either the date of their discharge or of their passing. As the hospital admitted female patients only, this MS provides an exceptional insight into the living conditions of women in 18th century Vienna, thus representing an important source for social history, containing information on common diseases and life expectancy, as well as on the patients' occupation and private life. Likely just one of a series, the MS documents the busy operations of a city hospital over a period of six years. Insignificant traces of worming to spine, a bit of the lower spine end chipped.

Light browning to paper, otherwise well preserved. From the library of the Viennese collector Werner Habel, with his signed and stamped ownership, dated , to the pastedown. Selten: international nur ein Exemplar auf Auktionen nachweisbar Sotheby's , Exemplar aus der Slg. Schoene 3. Drexel EUR 3, It includes the text of the maritime laws as agreed in "Der erbahren Hanse-Stadte Schifs-Ordnung und See-Recht" , here printed in double columns in German and Latin on pp. This is followed by Kuricke's commentary and by a discourse on marine insurance. Kuricke was a jurist and secretary of the city of Danzig and the author of a valuable and voluminous history of that city, "Der Stadt Dantzig historische Beschreibung" A fine copy, bound with two contemporary dissertations on naval law.

Goldsmiths' Im ganzen ein wohlerhaltenes volksmedizinisches Kompendium der Renaissance. EUR 9, Allerdings waren Pferde zu Beginn des Als nach der Schlacht bei Jena und Auerstedt am Anfang des Jahrhunderts in vier Mappen abgelegt und in einem maschinschriftlichen Katalog erfasst, die Schreiber biographisch erschlossen. Hiersemann in Leipzig, H. Burmeister und J. Stargardt in Berlin. Erworben aus Privatbesitz. EUR , Mentioning numerous members of the Kress family, the Chronicle ff. Offering a history of changing dress over nearly a century, the watercolours portray the participants dressed up in garments richly decorated with embroidery and ribbons, and often with bells that jingled as they ran through the streets.

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Again, each individual portrayed is accompanied by his coat of arms, enabling us to identify among the participating perfomers Hans Kress, who acted as captain "Hauptmann" of the Schembart procession in , , and A fantastic galley with a crew of devils, part of the final show held in , concludes the cycle of illustrations. According to Sumberg, some 80 manuscripts recording the Schembartlauf have survived, all of which can be dated after , when the carnival festivities had ceased; they are thus a retrospective commemoration of the event itself.

None of the Schembart manuscripts was ever printed until the second half of the 18th century. The finely preserved blind-tooled pigskin binding shows the Annunciation, Baptism of the Christ, Crucifixion and Resurrection. Wilhelm Kress von Kressenstein , engraved armorial bookplate inside upper cover.

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  7. Princely House of Liechtenstein, their shelfmark on upper pastedown; purchased from H. Kraus in Sumberg, The Nuremberg Schembart Carnival, In , Lenin would acknowledge the 25th anniversary of Pottier's death in an article in "Pravda". The Lyon-born songwriter Dupont , whom Pottier here invokes as Lecoq's "intimate friend", was a well-known writer and performer of workers' songs, his "Chant des Ouvriers" proving his perhaps most popular creation.

    He counted Baudelaire among the circle of his friends and was banished in after the coup of Napoleon III. He describes his experiences as a soldier and traveller, starting with a description of his native Steyr in Upper Austria and his journey to Vienna. He discusses the cities, landmarks and fortresses he visited during his travels, as well as the fierce battles with the Ottomans and the terrible conditions aboard the galleys cf.

    Vesuvius erupting.

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    Frontispiece trimmed rather closely with minimal loss to image. Wrappers worn; lower corner of front wrapper torn away, rebacked and retouched by a later owner. From the library of the Viennese collector Werner Habel with his handwritten and stamped ownership, dated , to inside of upper cover. Apponyi II, Graesse V, EUR 48, Quercu was choirmaster to Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan and accompanied his two sons as a tutor to the court of Vienna. The present treatise, a famous and highly original book on musical theory for young scholars, was probably used in the musical education of the duke's sons.

    The second part, 'Musica mensuralis', deals with note lengths, rests, ligatures, mensuration signs, alteration, imperfection and mensural proportions. The third part, 'Contrapunctus', considers consonances, dissonances and polyphonic writing. His teaching is illustrated with many music examples" New Grove. The finely printed book includes on p. Each portion of the hand represents a specific note in the hexachord system; during instruction, a teacher would indicate the series of notes by pointing to them on their hand to have the students sing them. Inscription recording "A gift from the author, 7 March [15]11", on the final page.

    No auction record for this edition and only one for the second edition; cf. USTC lists 5 copies only held in libraries including this copy. Denis p. Panzer IX, p.

    Heaven is so Real, Choo Thomas, German

    New Grove XV, MGG X, USTC EUR 7, Within a single decade he published more than works, some of which were extraordinarily influential over a long period of time and over great distances. His 'Newer Albertus Magnus' [ With his 'Newes Kochbuch, wie man krancke Persohnen wartten vnd pflegen soll' Ryff created a standard work for nurses and for the care of the sick" cf.

    Waller Not in Adams, Durling, or Wellcome. EUR 15, As usual, de Sade composes a list of names of historical characters that interest him, indicating the page or chapter number of the source so as to find them again more easily. The section on Pierre Bayle spans three pages; it is particularly interesting for proving that the marquis de Sade indeed had read Bayle.

    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition) Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)
    Auferstehen: Christliches Kinderbuch (German Edition)

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