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Some favorites from the modern times:

Isabel Red 2 attendees.

Palace Theatre. Isabel Dannie S. Past events SoCal Goths - let's keep it going!

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Thu, Nov 7 , PM. Anneliese H. Charlie M. Kelvin 3 attendees. Photos Members Mary W. Jonathan T. Stacey U.

2. Bad Religion taught you more about history and vocabulary than high school did.

David N. Cocoa K R. Alexandra F. Nicolas K.

Jamming Econo: An Insider’s Guide to Punk Rock in Southern California - KCPR

Jonah V. Darby G. Suicidal Tendencies is filled with serious speed and aggression, but punctuated and occasionally slowed for effect — making its politically charged, humor-tinged lyrics entirely intelligible. That's not often the case in hardcore. Reacting to the ballads of long-haired troubadours of the '70s, The Incredible Shrinking Dickies injects quickness where there was once excess.

Ole' Ronny took office in , the same year this vitriolic gem was released. Its ten tracks last barely that many minutes but, along with the terrific cover art — where the band's logo is carved into Reagan's forehead — they get you terrifically angry. In a way, Reagan's America both spawned and destroyed hardcore punk.

Every ten years or so, a band comes along that just blows everything all to hell. In , Black Flag became that band. They didn't completely crystallize until Henry Rollins came aboard for 's Damaged , but the effect of the Nervous Breakdown EP can't be overstated. The opening riffs of the title track sound like a bomb dropped on tepid, skinny tie bands like The Cars and Blondie. Instead, it feels like the full-throttle scream of an anxious, unmedicated teenager punching a hole in the wall. Some bands come out of the gate with both barrels blazing, while others hit their stride later in their career.

X somehow managed to do both, releasing three spectacular records in three years, each better than the last. Under the Big Black Sun , however, stands out by incorporating country, '50s vocal pop and straightforward rock elements into the mix, all the while keeping their trademark dual-sex moaning and wailing. Group Sex is not subtle, but there's not much time for subtlety when your longest song clocks in at No intros, no bridges, no bullshit, just Keith Morris' whiny scream. The Circle Jerks aren't as overtly political in their song-writing as some of their contemporaries, but the core fury is there.

Its slick production doesn't detract from the band's fury — it adds to it. The drums sit high in the mix, but eschew the heavily reverbed sound of later records like No Control.

Lead vocalist Greg Graffin is on point with incisive lyrics and a fast-paced, spitting delivery that rivals anything from the world of hip-hop. Over 20 years later, the record is still the gold standard for the suburban discontent and malaise of young kids too clever by half. You're in high school. You're angsty because girls don't like you. Your parents don't get it. You're really smart but your teachers don't realize it; they are dickheads. High school sucks, and if Milo's story is any indication, college isn't going to be much better.

In the classic documentary The Decline of Western Civilization , Germs frontman Darby Crash has an infamous scene where he makes a hot mess of the stage, demanding beer from the audience while stumbling violently. Released in , and produced by Ray Manzarek, X's Los Angeles is a searing critique of a city under economic siege and engaged in changing racial demographics.

Simultaneously, its slice of life poetry about the angry new youth enlivened a burgeoning L. Los Angeles plugged these first wave punk listeners into their city, gave them something that was their own and made them feel like members of a growing tribe. Exene Cervenka's voice carried an urgency that demanded attention. The album defined its moment and set the bar for other L.

This Movie About the SoCal Desert Punk Scene in the ’80s Looks Wild

Like the striking image of the burning X effigy on its cover, 32 years later the music inside is hard to shake. There is real, unbridled anger at work here, but also a sort of prophetic wisdom, as if they know that if we blow it all up we're going to have to rebuild it.

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California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk
California Punk California Punk

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