Cartouche Karma (French Edition)

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On a spiritual level the initiation is likely to be of the self imposed kind which means that no-one else can help. You have the knowhow to come out on top.

Time will sort the whole thing out. You are being tested. Hold tight and you will make it in the end. Good news eventually. It is only a temporary situation and you may benefit if you use the time wisely. Go with the flow and you may be pleasantly surprised. No 24 Ankh Emotional Love, Fulfilment, Understanding, Balance Ankh represents Love depending on which area of life is in question it could represent a good marriage, a love affair, love of money or material possessions, love of friendships, love of writing or communication, love of law, order and discipline and so on. You are open to receive new opportunities, it may be a new relationship or a new stage of an existing relationship.

A time when you feel emotionally fulfilled.

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It can suggest that someone in a relationship with you is helping you to connect with your spiritual purpose. Can also indicate a new addition to the family, promotion at work which may entail overtime or more stress. Note: as with all card readings there is always spiritual Fire , mental Air , emotional Water and physical Earth levels within the meaning of the the cards and the area in which they fall.

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OK Join. Choose Display Mode Original Dark. Cartouche Cards and their Indications. Spiritual strength in times of need. Rely upon your own judgement. A degree of security and a stability. Success through practical efforts and self-discipline. Take responsibility for your spiritual growth and the direction your life takes.

Take responsibility for your decisions. Help from the other side is at hand. The issue in question should be persevered with and nurtured, and not pushed forward too quickly. Trust your intuition for something may be hidden from view at this point. Psychic and spiritual development. A period of going within to plant seeds for the next stage of your life.


A time of retreat to absorb lessons learnt on a physical level. People involved in the welfare of others ie the caring professions. Family situations, family loyalty, reliability and devotion. A good omen for those who feel they have been unfairly treated. Personal charm and charisma. Nurture creative talents be they musical, dancing, painting etc.

Mental worries will soon pass and be replaced with happiness thus bringing with it good health.

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Also stands for devotion, generosity and the arts acting, painting, dancing or singing. Walk with care and caution in whatever area of life is under consideration and you will succeed. Follow your intuition. Psychic protection. Liking for warmth, attention and affection. Give out as you wish to receive. Fidelity to the family unit.

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Happiness, inner peace and a need to express yourself. Healing of the spirit. Knowing the appropriate response or action for each situation as it arises.

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Matters of Law, writing ability and the spoken word. Skills in formal medicine. Renewed hope, inner peace. Actions and feelings bringing a sense of inner peace. Good luck. Strong-minded, organisers of groups and causes, career women and the woman who appears in the role of the supportive partner.

Well organised, well groomed. Positive outlook. Likes the good things in life ie fine food, quality clothes and furniture etc. Harmony and stability on the home front.

Could represent a person of the Light with deep spiritual beliefs and strong psychic talents or somebody leaning in that direction. Astronomically, the moon. The name for human bodies embalmed and preserved according to the ancient Egyptian method.

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The process of mummification is a rite of extreme antiquity in the land of the Pharaohs, and was considered as one of the most sacred ceremonies. It was, moreover, a process showing considerable learning in chemistry and surgery. Mummies 5, years old and more, reappear among us a preserved and fresh as when they first came from the hands of the Parashistes.

Neith Eg. The Queen of Heaven; the moon-goddess in Egypt. She is variously called Nout , Nepte, Nur. Nephtys Eg. The sister of Isis, philosophically only one of her aspects. As Osiris and Typhon are one under two aspects, so Isis and Nephtys are one and the same symbol of nature under its dual aspect. Thus, while Isis is the wife of Osiris, Nephtys is the wife of Typhon, the foe of Osiris and his slayer, although she weeps for him. She is often represented at the bier of the great Sun-god, having on her head a disk between the two horns of a crescent.

She is the genius of the lower world, and Anubis, the Egyptian Pluto, is called her son. Plutarch has given a fair esoteric explanation of the two sisters. Thus he writes: Nephtys designs that which is under the earth, and which one sees not i. The circle of the horizon which divides these two hemispheres and which is common to both, is Anubis. Thus the two are the Alpha and Omega of Nature.

Nile-God Eg. Represented by a wooden image of the river god receiving honours in gratitude for the bounties its waters afford the country. The latter was represented as an androgynous being with a beard and breasts, and a fat blue face; green limbs and reddish body.

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At the approach of the yearly inundation, the image was carried from one place to another in solemn procession. Nofir-hotpoo Eg. The same as the god Khonsoo , the lunar god of Thebes. Nofir-hotpoo is one of the three persons of the Egyptian trinity, composed of Ammon, Mooth, and their son Khonsoo or Nofir-hotpoo. Noo Eg. Noom Eg. Noon Eg. The celestial river which flows in Noot , the cosmic abyss or Noo. Noot Eg. The heavenly abyss in the Ritual or the Book of the Dead.

It is infinite space personified in the Vedas by Aditi, the goddess who, like Noon q.

Cartouche Karma (French Edition) Cartouche Karma (French Edition)
Cartouche Karma (French Edition) Cartouche Karma (French Edition)
Cartouche Karma (French Edition) Cartouche Karma (French Edition)
Cartouche Karma (French Edition) Cartouche Karma (French Edition)
Cartouche Karma (French Edition) Cartouche Karma (French Edition)

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