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Federal segregation. Wilson administration begins government-wide segregation of work places, rest-rooms and lunch rooms.

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Brown vs. Board of Education: Supreme Court bans school segregation. Boycott brings year-old Martin Luther King, Jr. Emmett Till, a Chicago youth visiting relatives in the South, is murdered by Whites, who are then acquitted by an all-White jury.

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Nashville students stage the biggest, most effective sit-in demonstrations to date and succeed in integrating lunch counters in downtown. In New Orleans, school integration is enforced by the federal government after the legislature closes the public school system. Black students of the Consumer League of Greater New Orleans lead a picket of White-owned businesses that refuse to hire Black employees. White protesters riot. Federal troops sent in to quash riots.

The initial phase of integration takes place in public and private schools in New Orleans.

New Orleans merchants integrate lunch counters and remove racial signs from toilets and drinking fountains. Tulane University admits its first Black students. Thousands of young students are arrested and brutalized by Birmingham police dogs and water cannons.

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President Kennedy gives first presidential address in support of Civil Rights. Jesus Christ, the author of the new covenant, translated the duty of nature into sacraments, and this duty cannot be divorced from religion and immersed in worldly affairs. Preceded by sacred rite, it can bring about a more tranquil and happy life for the spouses, strengthen family harmony, raise children more correctly, and suitably provide for the welfare of its community.

Indeed, We have treated this matter in greater detail in Our apostolic letter Arcanum divinae sapientiae consilium. In that letter We wanted to remind the faithful of the vigilant cares which the Church has shown for preserving the honor and sanctity of marriage, for the Church is the best guardian and avenger of mankind.


We also reminded the civil authorities of what matters they could rightfully regulate. It is not necessary for Us to bring each of these examples to your attention. It is, however, relevant to mention again that the leaders of the state have authority in human affairs which led to marriage and generally concern civil matters. However, in the truly Christian marriage, they have no authority, for this matter should be left to the jurisdiction of the Church, which is not established by men.

If the marriage contract is properly performed - that is, as Christ established it - then they will be able to see if anything which pertains to civil law might follow. It is Catholic teaching that the dignity of the sacrament adds to the marriage of Christians; nobody can depart from this without losing faith. For that reason, these matters should be governed by the divine authority of the Church alone.

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No marriage can be considered firmly ratified unless it is joined according to Church law and discipline. It is easy to understand from this that wherever the Tridentine law of the chapter Tametsi[1] would have been correctly promulgated, then any marriage contracted against its prescription should be considered null and void. That Tridentine law was not only promulgated in Peru, but it has been enforced for a long time and faithfully observed. Therefore, the Apostolic See strongly desires to keep this teaching. Venerable Brothers, instruct the flock entrusted to your care more clearly and fully, so they do not remain unaware of any part of this serious matter, which greatly concerns the eternal salvation of many of them.

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We also want you to use your authority and advice to influence those who are empowered to make laws in Peru. Enter into their favor, so they consider the example of the Catholic people. The courage of the blessed citizens Turibius and Rose, great examples of virtue, comes to mind here. Publicly restore both mind and will, so that they never depart from the Church's precepts in making laws, which, if correctly observed, will bring about the natural happiness of the people.

They should promise that they will not allow the recent decree to stand unchanged. They should also promise that civil marriage laws will contain nothing contrary to the teaching of the Church. Meanwhile, filled with the hope of divine assistance and confident in your zeal and skill, We lovingly bestow Our apostolic blessing as a pledge of heavenly gifts and as a sign of Our special good wishes for you, Venerable Brothers, and for all the clergy and people entrusted to each of you.

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See of Peter.

Civil church law (1898) Civil church law (1898)
Civil church law (1898) Civil church law (1898)
Civil church law (1898) Civil church law (1898)
Civil church law (1898) Civil church law (1898)
Civil church law (1898) Civil church law (1898)

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