Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)

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Deposing the planetary government, he re-emerged as the warlord "Desolous," trained an army of Pau'an warriors in his unique combat style, and declared that his armies would not rest until every last Jedi lay dead. Surrounding the Utapau system with a blockade to protect his power base, Desolous' army went on long raids into Republic space, capturing warships, disrupting trade routes, and killing every Jedi they came across, always managing to slip away into hyperspace at the last minute.

Desolous led the Pau'ans in a series of ambushes against Jedi Knights and strongholds throughout the galaxy, personally slaughtering almost two thousand Jedi by the end of his life. With each successful murder, Desolous grew more reckless and bold, and the Jedi decided to exploit those traits. A small force of Jedi Knights was sent to the planet Yaga Minor in , acting as bait for the Dark Jedi, while a large Republic fleet remained hidden nearby.

When Desolous and his army struck the Jedi on the planet, the fleet emerged from hyperspace and prevented Desolus' forces from retreating. Caught into a tactically disadvantageous position, Desolous' men were all killed, and Desolous himself was struck down by Jindo Onasi, a distant descendant of Revan. Upon receiving confirmation of Desolous' death, the people of Utapau overthrew the warlord's remaining forces, liberating the entire planet and returning it to the Republic within the year. The Utapau Rebellion, as it became known, is famous for being the first known use of interdictor cruisers in a large fleet action.

Phanius becomes the first member of the Lost, a group of Jedi Masters who left the order on peaceful terms due to philosophical differences with the Council. Specifically, Phanius was a strong proponent of what he called "enlightened self-interest," meaning that the greater good was best served when beings acted in accordance with their own self-interest. As Phanius would explain it, self-sacrifice and altruism weakens both parties, and that the victories that were won on their own were the most impactful to a person's moral development. However, unbeknownst to the Jedi at large, Phanius had actually fallen to the dark side years prior, and had become a nihilistic solipsist--he believed that self-interest was the only rational option because he was literally the only being in the universe.

He believed that the universe itself was a figment of his imagination that he had created out of boredom as a puzzle to be solved. Concealing this conviction from his followers, he took them deep into the Moraband Cluster, where he took the name "Dark Lord Ruin," declared himself the harbinger of the "New Sith," and began consolidating the remaining Red Sith tribes into a slave army.

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He struck out at isolated Outer Rim worlds, conquering and absorbing them into his Second Sith Empire. At the height of his power Ruin's military controlled a crescent-shaped chunk of the Outer Rim from Tund to Sernpidal, penetrating as far Coreward as Hapes before being repulsed. However, Ruin's increasingly obvious insanity quickly began to fracture his command.

Sadistic, merciless, and completely self-centered, Ruin's bizarre and egocentric caprices led to a long string of defeats and, eventually, the deaths of most of his "Old Guard.

After beating a hasty retreat into hyperspace, Ruin ordered every remaining capital ship from the battle demolished in alphabetical order, with their crews still onboard, "as punishment for their rebellion against My Will. They eventually took Ruin down with a combination of poisoned soup, thirty blaster shots to the chest, and disembowelment with a lightsaber--with a being as powerful as Ruin had become, it paid to make extra certain he was dead. While this ruling council was collectively more sane than Lord Ruin had been, the Council quickly fell into backstabbing and intrigue without a strong central figure.

The "First Sith Interregnum" was characterized by stagnation and attrition. While the Republic was never able to make any real efforts in dislodging them from their conquered territory, the Second Sith Empire never truly regained the power it had during that heady first decade. The broad crescent of the galaxy under the Empire's control was eventually recognized as "Sith Space" on Republic star charts, though the Republic never diplomatically recognized them as a legitimate government.

An undeclared state of war existed between the Republic and the Sith Empire for centuries, with the two powers battering each other into exhaustion for a few decades and then declaring "cease-fires" in order to regroup. The inability of the Republic to truly dislodge this dark side magocracy as they had done with the Old Sith marks the beginning of the millennium-long New Sith Wars and the Republic's Draggulch Period. The Reign of the Underlord BBY : The fortunes of the Sith began to change with the reign of a mysterious Sith Councilor known only as the "Dark Underlord," who betrayed and assassinated the other members in BBY to replace them with puppets loyal only to him.

A terrifying and merciless figure never seen without a dark grey cloak shrouding his entire body, the Dark Underlord horrified Jedi and Sith alike, leading to countless rumors about his true identity.

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Some believed that he was an interdimensional being summoned in a Sith ritual gone horribly wrong, others that he was the spirit of General Xendor of the Legions of Lettow from over 7, years ago, and still others that he was the Dark Lord Ruin reborn, here to restore his empire to its former glory. Whoever he was, the Dark Underlord was a powerful warrior and keen strategist, who succeeded in pushing the Jedi back in key engagements, most notably Uba IV in BBY, in which he tricked the Jedi into accidentally detonating a cache of Sith chemical weapons on the neutral world, tainting their reputation and gaining the powerful Ubese Home Guard as a Sith ally.

The most powerful military asset he had was the enormous force of elite warriors known as the Black Knights. Dressed in head-to-toe black war armor and including the last of the true Red Sith among their ranks, the Knights were an unstoppable group of marauders that preyed upon Republic shipping lanes for decades, leaving no survivors.

It was in that year that the Jedi General Murrtaggh, the self-proclaimed mortal enemy of the Dark Underlord, attacked Malrev IV with the intent of assassinating him and breaking his power. Unknown to the Dark Underlord, Murrtaggh paid a large group of Mandalorian mercenaries to stage a diversionary attack on the Black Knights while Murrtaggh prepared to sneak behind the enemy lines to assassinate the Sith warlord.

As the battle commenced, the Dark Lord sent his foremost general, a Zeltron Sith known only as "The Bloodied One," to lead his forces against the Mandalorians. During the chaos of the battle, Murrtaggh executed his plan and infiltrated the Dark Underlord's fortress.

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As the two engaged in battle the Jedi general fell to the dark side, striking down the Dark Lord of the Sith with his hatred and being mortally wounded in the process. Many systems became de-facto independent, as Sith Lords went pirate and set ambushes along the hyperlanes they sat astride. There were occasional bouts of clear leadership during this period, but the greed and envy of Council rivalries meant that many Dark Lords lasted mere months at the position.

At the same time, the Republic was attempting to consolidate its forces for the first real, coordinated offensives in centuries.

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However, even with the slow but sure sealing off of potential Republic invasion corridors along the major hyperlanes, the brutality and treachery of Imperial politics kept the Sith from making a major offensive for centuries. The Battle of Mizra BBY : Fortunes in the seemingly never-ending war finally began to shift in BBY with the disastrous Battle of Mizra, a small, uninhabited Inner Rim desert world that nonetheless had major strategic value as a hyperspace chokepoint.

The Republic military, under the hawkish and confrontational leadership of Supreme Chancellor Harrian Pyron, launched a major assault on the world in BBY, capturing and fortifying it.

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The intention was to use Mizra as a major staging point from which the Jedi could launch offensives deep into the lightly-defended Sith rear, potentially rolling back the entire Mid Rim. However, a coalition of Sith Lords under the command of Lord Rivan of Almas pooled their forces to launch a counterattack to drive the Jedi off the planet before their forces dug in. The attack came at nightfall. Sith forces at Mizra were led by hundreds of Sith Lords from across the Empire, each riding a speeder named after an animal that personified the lord such as Hssiss, Bloodfin, Ng'ok, and Sleeth.

During the Jedi retreat, a Sith sniper shot the Jedi Master who was controlling the retreat with battle meditation, turning what had been a fighting retreat into a full scale slaughter. The battle was one of the most crushing defeats in Republic history, ending with over , soldiers dying in a single day and hundreds of Jedi falling to the dark side in despair.

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The Senate, once informed of the defeat, gave an immediate vote of no confidence in Chancellor Pyron, leading to a constitutional crisis as the brash Corellian refused to resign. It took the threat of the Jedi Council bodily dragging Pyron of his office to convince him to step down. The defeat at Mizra crippled the confidence of the Republic and Jedi for generations to come. A stoic and introspective Sith Lord, Rivan, a Zelosian, took his dark side name from a corrupted account of the Jedi Civil War that described the dark side feats of the mysterious "Rivan," likely a corruption of "Revan.

For the first time in centuries the Republic began to lose large amounts of territory, as colonies were abandoned to the advancing Sith. The Republic economy crashed, mining planets went dry, and HoloNet communications were cut as interstellar travel in Republic Space slowed to a trickle. Law and order became increasingly theoretical, and the Jedi were forced to assume greater political leadership just to stave off collapse. Many Jedi set themselves up as the Lord-Protectors of vulnerable sectors, and even, despite public outcry, becoming politicians.

Rather than streamline the war effort, this created huge public outcry, as the "Jedi Dynasty" were notoriously elitist and unconcerned with public opinion. Draft-dodging and desertion became endemic during this period, creating chaos that Lord Rivan and his armies exploited to consolidate their new gains. In addition to being a perceptive strategist, Rivan was also a talented Sith alchemist, and spent much of his time in his private fortress on the planet Almas. Having successfully used dark side power to extend his own lifespan, he spent the decades between Sith offensives creating many powerful artifacts, including the Darkstaff, terraforming grass, and the fearsome Sith Battlelords.

Rivan ruled the Empire from Almas for centuries until BBY, when a Jedi task force assaulted his fortress, destroying much of it. Rivan's body was never found following the destruction of his fortress, and it is believed that he fled the fortress during the attack, Darkstaff in tow. Nobody's entirely sure where he went, or if he actually survived the siege at all. Regardless, Lord Rivan's disappearance sent the Sith Empire into chaos once again. At the same time, however, a new dark side threat was rising from the Deep Core world of Tython.

PDF Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)

Belia Darzu, a centuries-old female Shi'ido changeling, was one of the first Sith warlords to fully separate from the Empire during the Second Interregnum. Rather than launch attacks against the Republic from her fortified complex on Tython, however, Darzu was content to remain in hiding for the Rivan Era, quietly experimenting with Sith alchemy and integrating it with the esoteric Force technique of mechu-deru. With Rivan's disappearance, she saw her chance to strike.

sendumbberchpo.ga Launching attack after attack from the Deep Core, on the other end Of Republic Space from the rest of the Sith Empire, Darzu caught the Republic off-guard, forcing them to fight a war on two fronts. The signature horror of the Darzu conflict, known as the "Sictis Wars," was Darzu's invention of the nanogene spore. The product of a century and a half of experimentation, the nanogene spore was a semi-organic virus that was able to transform living beings infected with it into mindless cybernetic soldiers, dubbed "technobeasts.

For twenty years, Belia Darzu's forces grew larger, as her personal fiefdom, the Darzu Hegemony, expanded into the Core, bringing Core Worlds under the control of a Sith for the first time since the Great Hyperspace War. However, in BBY, the shifting alliances between dark side factions brought her down. Furious at her incursions into their territory in the Tapani Sector, the Mecrosa Order of dark side assassins severed their alliance with her.

They clashed against the Imperial armies while the Great Sea Spider weaved a web of Shadow in the Imperial City, Onnotangu manifested a mortal avatar to defend the Emperor and the minions of the Shadows spread over the city. Takao , leader of the Brotherhood of Shinsei engaged the avatar and defeated him, weakening Lord Moon as a result. Hitomi killed Onnotangu in the Celestial Heavens shortly after his avatar was defeated, breaking the shadow's control over the city.

Ginawa was able to confront Toturi in the Imperial Palace, but he could not kill him. Instead he smuggled the mad Toturi to an outskirt where Hiroru where recovering from the wounds Doji Shizue caused to the ninja. Isawa Kaede , the Oracle of the Void , appeared there, healed Hiroru [87] and transported Toturi to Shiba lands, hidden in a house in the mountains near the Village in the Valley.

Sanzo in found and attacked the Emperor, wounding him grievously. Sanzo regained his control before he could strike the killing blow and fled.

Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)
Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)
Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)
Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)
Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)
Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire) Darkness Forbidden: Dark Empire #3 (Legends Of A Dark Empire)

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