Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)

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Edition Details Format: Paperback. Language: English. ISBN: Release Date: January Publisher: Panther. Length: Pages. Weight: 0. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Rhineman Exchange Published by Thriftbooks.

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I looked for this book and bought it since I would like to read it again!!! Good reading Pot-boiling Thriller Published by Thriftbooks. Ludlum has written several other very good spy stories, but in my opinion, this is his best. The events he desribes which go to make up the story follow each other in a logical progression, and therefore it is easy to see why what came after was necessarily preceded by what came before, and you are not left with asking yourself "how did this happen"?

The mystery is neatly unfolded.

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The characters are well-described and interesting. The most basic premise of the story is the trade being arranged between the United States and Germany for materials critical to the war effort for both. The Germans need industrial diamonds for their Peenemunde rocket project, and the US needs a high-altitude gyroscope for its bombing runs, and an exchange is arranged in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a neutral venue. But our Man from Lisbon, Secret Agent David Spaulding is unaware of this treasonous act of helping the enemy by supplying them with the diamonds they need, because he is only aware of his assignment to bring back the gyroscope plans.

But a very interested third party intervenes and makes him aware of the true nature of the deal, and from that point he has to deal with a new situation, and does he ever! No review that I have read explicitly mentions the industrial treason on the part of a US manufacturer who can fulfill the contract for the gyroscope only by arranging this trade, but it is an important part of the story.

I would agree with some critics that, in broad outline, there is a sameness to all of Ludlum's works, but this is his genre - he writes spy novels. In this particular one, the plot is very interesting, the characters are distinguishable one from the other and are interesting as well, and they are believable. From beginning to end, and throughout the middle, as well, it is a fast-paced, gripping tale, and a good read indeed.

Another Exciting Ludlum Book!

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Published by Thriftbooks. Ludlum has used a unique plot and a very original approach to writing this book. Both of the powers in World War II are in need of a product to have a sucessful war effort. The Nazis are in need of industrial diamond to finish Peenemunde and the Allies need a gyro guidance system in order to effectively bomb the Germans. The two sides are finally brought together and a deal is made. The two parties will meet in Argentina.

David Spaulding an excellent agent in Spain is sent to Argentina by his government. He doesn't know the real purpose of the illegal transaction. The Nazis are going to trade the gyro system foe the industrial diamonds.


In the meantime the Haganah an underground Jewish group brings Spaulding the real nature of the transaction. Spaulding is finally able to crash the deal.

The Nazis lose thanks to Spaulding, with the help of the Haganah. This is a very good book that is definitely a page turner. Librovich, Na kniznom postu: vospominaniia, zapiski, dokumenty M. Istoricheskaia biblioteka, See, for instance, the back matter of the October issue. Shchegolev, ed. Geine [H. Golitsynskogo, s iu risunkami Pikkolo. See D. His last review appeared in February, and from March until July Russian Word carried no reviews of this sort of publications.

Further direct quotations from this article are indicated in the text by the issue and page numbers in square brackets. Shelling and G. See, for instance, a classic historical analysis in F. Further direct quotations from this article are indicated in the text by the issue and page numbers in sqare brackets. For English-language accounts, see Daniel P.

Holy Roman Empire Explained

Bronn Stuttgart: Schweizerbart, ; and [Ch. For the original review, see Ed. Rachinskii SPb. Glazunov, Schleiden, Das alter des menschengeschlechts Leipzig: W.

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Publichnye lektsii Karla Fogta. Chelovek i ego mesto v prirode. Lektsii K. Gaideburova, SPb. Mesto ego v mirozdanii i v istorii zemli. Sochinenie K. Perevod d-ra Kanshina, vyp. Instead, he chose the word vybor , which Rachinskii used only occasionally. Timiriazev, Kratkii ocherk teorii Darvina M. Kraevskii, On the intersections of the notions of biological and social progress in Britain, see Peter J. And of the species now living very few will transmit progeny of any kind to a far distant futurity; for the manner in which all organic beings are grouped, shows that the greater number of species of each genus, and all the species of many genera, have left no descendants, but have become utterly extinct.

We can so far take a prophetic glance into futurity as to foretell that it will be the common and widely-spread species, belonging to the larger and dominant groups, which will ultimately prevail and procreate new and dominant species. As all the living forms of life are the lineal descendants of those which lived long before the Silurian epoch, we may feel certain that the ordinary succession by generation has never once been broken, and that no cataclysm has desolated the whole world.

Hence we may look with some confidence to a secure future of equally inappreciable length. Panov, ed. Povedenie cheloveka i zhivotnykh: skhodstvo i razlichiia Pushchino: n. Vladimirskii SPb. Usov SPb. For the German original, see [Friedrich Rolle], Chs. Rolle Frankfurt am Main: J.

The Rhinemann Exchange

Hermann, It was also issued as a brochure, see A. Shleikher, Teoriia Darvina v primenenii k nauke o iazyke SPb. Kulish, Boehlau, Perevod A. Hachette, The first book also appeared in English translation in the same year, see A. O prichinakh iavlenii v organicheskoi prirode. For the English original, see T. S prilozheniem biografii Darvina, sostanvlennoi S. Perevod starshago uchitelia 5-i gimnazii M.

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Mesto cheloveka v tsarstve zhivotnom. Sochinenie Tomasa Genrikha Guksleia. Perevel s nemetskogo izdaniia d-ra V. Karusa N. Darwin , transl. Darwin , p. Ivanov and I. All subsequent quotations are from this source. Perhaps, Strakhov did not even have the English original handy. See Anon. Rekliu [E. All the subsequent quotations are from this source. See Ch.

Golitsyn, Perevod pod redaktsiei A. Tom 1. For historical assessments of this work and its author, see M.

Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)
Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition) Das Parsifal-Mosaik: Roman (German Edition)

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