Desert Seduction

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The Seduction of the Desert Prince

Seduce The most common meaning of seduce in modern usage is probably this one:.

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The principal parts of the verb are seduce , seduced , have seduced. The present participle form seducing is used as a verb or a gerund:. Like the verb seduce , the adjective seductive is not limited to a sexual connotation.

Anything that evokes a strong emotional attraction can be said to be seductive :. Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. Bottom line: seductive adjective : sexy, tempting.

Sultans of Seduction

When heartbroken Catrin then defies him, sexy, all-powerful Murat is determined to reclaim her, but she will not be his mistress while he weds someone else! Khaled bin Aziz needs a wife to unite his warring country and innocent traveller, Cleo Churchill is perfect. Cleo fears their marriage is no more than convenience.

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But, as it plays out in the darkness of the night, the passions unearthed threaten to consumer them both! Six years ago, Prince Mohab risked his life to save Jala Aal Masood, igniting her desires…only to betray her trust. But now, as a new king, this ruthless seducer is back and determined to make Jala his wife!

Will this mean a second chance or more heartbreak when their dark secrets are revealed?

Sultans of Seduction

International: overseas shipping to World Zones 1 to 8. Postage charges vary according to the weight of your items and the destination country, and are calculated at the checkout. The realization that the work I create is a mutual exchange with you — that I desire your quickening pulse and a shift in your face as your eyes dilate. That I want the surface of you to come alive, to reverberate, to know that you are receiving my signal.

Her Desert King: Seduction – Mills & Boon Australia

That I need you at all…. I want to thrive here. I want to shrivel up in the white hot light of here. I want to make the loudest noises here and I want to make no noise at all here. Note: I make a part-time job of looking words up and the double meaning of torrid was an accident but then there really are no accidents, are there?

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See for yourself. And the seduction of that, too, is beautiful and that is all and that is everything.

Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction
Desert Seduction Desert Seduction

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