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Driven was awarded The Eurobike Award, one of the most recognised design awards in the bike industry. For more information on Driven and the technology behind the innovation, download the brochure. We use cookies to help deliver a better experience. This is not my cup of tea, maybe 2 years ago but not any more. View all 37 comments.

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I don't even know what to say. Too much of everything. Too much sex, too much sexual frustration, too many descriptions of how Colton makes her body go tingly, too many bitchy ex-girlfriends to circumvent and please stop with the obvious childhood drama. We have had this before many times over.

Like watching a car crash in slow motion. I'm pretty sure I will read the rest in no time, but damn this is bad in a seriously addictive way. I hate myself a little for even starting this ride. View all 34 comments. My goal is to make you smile when reading this review, because I smiled so much in this book, my cheeks hurt!!!!

What are you doing right now? Well, stop it and read this book instead!!! This book is for YOU. This book made me FEEL. I sigh into the welcoming silence, grateful for the chance to escape, even if only momentarily, from the mindsuck of the meaningless conversa YOU.

I sigh into the welcoming silence, grateful for the chance to escape, even if only momentarily, from the mindsuck of the meaningless conversations on the other side of the door. That is the first sentence. I was sucked in from the beginning. The story is about Colton and Rylee. Both are broken. Both feel an undeniable, aching pull toward each other. They meet behind stage at a charity function, and their first meeting will take your breath away!

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Yes, this book is Panty-dropping hot! You just have to read it!!! My Colton: Rogue. Colton is a famous race car driver. He is a bad boy, and he knows it. The man can talk dirty. The man can fill out denim. He had a rough childhood and was adopted when he was five. He is very mysterious about his past. My Rylee: Rylee is a social worker in charge of The House, a home for 7 young boys who would be lost in the foster care system, if Rylee was not there to care for them.

These moments with these boys are so endearing, you may have a few tears.

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  • Rylee struggles with moving on, with guilt. She also keeps Colton at a distance because she is afraid of getting too close. Rylee leads with her head instead of her heart. I love all of the music references.

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    Colton and Rylee communicate through music sometimes by texting songs with lyrics they want to say, whether they are fun, serious, or just damn sexy! A slow, seductive ballet highlighted with breathy moans and panted whimpers. Colton teaches us that it can!!!! I want to build you up nice and slow and sweet like you need. Push you to crash over that edge. And then I want to fuck you the way I need to.

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    Yes, there is a major cliffy at the end of this book, but the next book is out already, so you can start this one now while I go read Fueled!!! Thanks for the buddy read Irene and Rae!!! View all 54 comments. DNF To be fair, I haven't given this a real shot But this guy is just slaying me, and I keep cringing when he opens his overly sexual, cocky, condescending, egotistical, know-it-all mouth. I'm going to just give a few of my not so favorite quotes and move on to something I know I'll like.

    So, if you'd like a little taste, read on: In order of appearance: "You're lucky I don't drag you back in that storage closet I found you in and take what you offered. Make you cry out my name. Then move on. If I want you, I can and will have you, at any time and in anyplace, sweetheart. Just sayin' Who says that? And within hours of meeting? Come on. I can teach you the ropes " Big gag. Bad pun. There's a difference between cocky and confident. This guy acts like the high school jock who gets to be the big playah on campus. Time to grow up, buddy.

    So I'll leave this one to those who like the cockamamie hero here. And to the heroine who I'm sure ends up adoring him! View all 19 comments.

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    Rylee went through a pretty tragic event and never completely recovered from that. Until he had been adopted Colton also had a pretty tragic past. Until their worlds collide, they both have to work together and everything changes. So buckle in, people, this is going to be a sexy and bumpy ride! I can now see why so many mixed feelings about these books. And the use of too. Personally, I really liked. This book is intense, emotional, and with some angst and many drama because of the protagonists fight against their feelings. This was a very promising beginning and after this end, I really need to hop onto the next book!

    You go, girl! And they tougher are explosive, so get ready for some really intense moments. Steam: Sensible Subjects: view spoiler [Death. Abuse… hide spoiler ] Love Triangle: view spoiler [No.

    View all 23 comments. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. It started off really well, don't get me wrong this book is seriously well written and there is some extensive character development with some angst thrown in. But unfortunately it just wasn't enough for me. I felt it was drawn out, I didn't like the heroine, Some of her behavior I understood but she had some serious self esteem issues. I mean everyone was a threat including her best friend.

    One minute she's sure of herself the next she's comparing herself to every woman out there.

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