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Climate change is starting to affect some of our supply-chain partners, and shifting harvest times depending on temperature and rainy season, so we'll update this calendar as often as necessary.

We think of Heart of Africa coffees as late fall and winter coffees with the exception of washed Ugandas, which are mid-winter to late spring coffees , and as a perfect winter counterpart to washed milds, which tend to arrive in late spring and summer. GALS was based on a similar program Participatory Action Learning System, created by Linda Mayoux in Uganda in and the core of the program uses a series of drawing tools to improve gender equity, communication, responsibility, and planning at the house, village, and community levels.

We have listened to countless first-hand stories about how producer partners have improved their own lives and the lives of their families and communities, not to mention increased coffee production due to shared work, through GALS.

Why Eswatini?

Some of us at Atlas have even incorporated the vision planning tool into our own processes. Many producers save enough money to provide education for their children or metal roofing for their houses. He wasn't even attending the GALS training--he was merely waiting to provide transportation to and from the event--but he listened to the methodology, and he though, "I can have a vision, too.

My vision is to own my own moto instead of work for someone else. Then I can start my own moto business. Pascasie : I It is a set of tools that can be used by anyone. You just need to know how to hold a pen. The moment you know how to hold a pen…scientifically it is proven that anyone can draw. So Linda Mayoux developed the system, tested it, found it was really possible, and I would like everyone to be using it and helping people. Being an African, living in Africa, the skill that we lack the most is having a plan.

Deadliest Journeys - Panama, business in the jungle

This is the time you can use the same skill to start thinking. When you plan your thinking, and when you think, you can think about what you are doing.

And when you think, you can think about what you are doing with your family, your husband, or your wife, or with yourself. You can use with yourself. Is it still beneficial? We teach it, we have a lot of success. A lot of stories. We have a set of tools, some tools are easier than others. When we talk about the vision journey [tool], simply we are talking about planning. Having a dream. Perhaps the hospital — built by the Belgians, expanded by Mobutu Sese Seko, now an orphan — had not paid its electricity bill?

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The patient managed to survive, just as this hospital and country in the heart of Africa, plundered for more than a century, have survived — seemingly defying their own deaths with a resourcefulness born of desperation. The light was still out a few hours later, when the doctor slumped in an armchair in his tiny office. The air-conditioner was silent, not doing its job of keeping out the smell of the waiting room just outside Dr.

Heart of Africa (disambiguation)

Mbwebwe's door, where a half dozen Congolese lay on beds with no sheets. It was the unmistakable smell of an African hospital in wartime, of death and decay, of bodies and floors scrubbed with water and nothing else. If the hospital lacked even detergent, it obviously did not have medical supplies. One day, the doctor recalled, two children came in for surgery; by the time a supply of blood had been found, the children were dead. If there is enough wood, there won't be a match.

If there's a match, there won't be enough wood. If there's enough wood and there's a match, the flames will be too weak. Hell, as imagined by the outsider, has long found a place in the Congo. Congo is the setting of Joseph Conrad's indictment of colonialism, "Heart of Darkness," written a few years after King Leopold II of Belgium claimed the country as his own property and Europeans carved up the rest of the continent for themselves.

Conrad himself took a steamboat up the Congo River, "an immense snake uncoiled," into the African interior, a place forbidden to Europeans who died easily of malaria and countless other diseases. There the author found the material for Kurtz, a European trader who lives in the jungle in a house surrounded by shrunken heads.


In the Heart of Africa by Samuel White Baker

But the metaphorical descent into hell was not so far from the truth. From the late 's, when King Leopold commissioned the American journalist, Henry Stanley, to explore the Congo, through the next four decades, perhaps as many as 10 million Congolese were killed. Long before rebels in Sierra Leone grabbed headlines in recent years by chopping off civilians' hands, the Belgians had perfected the practice here. Congolese meeting the Belgians' exacting criteria of civilization were eventually handed identity cards classifying them as "evolues" — those who had evolved.

The legacies of colonialism and the Cold War are particularly fresh here. This city is a corpse. Skyscrapers erected by Cold War rivals vying for Mobutu's loyalty stand empty.

In the Heart of Africa In the Heart of Africa
In the Heart of Africa In the Heart of Africa
In the Heart of Africa In the Heart of Africa
In the Heart of Africa In the Heart of Africa
In the Heart of Africa In the Heart of Africa

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