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Another reason Kazuo Ishiguro shows confinement is to show the weakness of the human race. We would prefer to hide away the clones from fear and also 'ethics' or 'morals' than face up to the fact of wrong and change how they were treated.

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Ishiguro also shows confinement to emphasize the fact that to those in the story the humans , the clones are merely organ 'machines' for medical science. It shows just how cold-hearted the human race really is and that we isolate and contain the things which we need in order to assure we never lose it. To them, the organs are very important as it can cure many otherwise incurable diseases. The confinement gives the impression that we care little for those who help us in every way possible by putting them away and out of sight for the benefit of our health.

Ishiguro's masterful novel gives an important warning about normalizing cruelty.

Ishiguro shows the presence of confinement to establish the point of how people are afraid of change no matter where it is and what it's for and will do their best to hide it away where possible. Confinement in Never Let Me Go is existent because One reason is to keep the clones safe and their bodies away from harm in order to be at their fittest for donations.

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Freedom And Confinement In Never Let Me Go (Freedom (Freedom is so…

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Let Me Go Let Me Go
Let Me Go Let Me Go
Let Me Go Let Me Go
Let Me Go Let Me Go
Let Me Go Let Me Go
Let Me Go Let Me Go

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