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Trench warfare in World War I

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Early developments

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He was in the support trenches and his company only moved forward after the first calamitous attack. His battalion was only moved to the trenches once the attack had started, and guarded a communication trench as the wounded were moved back. He was back in Britain suffering from shell shock. This probably saved his life - his letters to friends went unanswered, as they were dead or missing.

Unseen interviews with WW1 veterans recount the horror of the trenches

Presented by Dr Jonathan Boff. Presented by Greg James. BBC iWonder. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Transcript PDF Kb. How often were soldiers in the firing line? How the trenches kept men safe There were many parts of the trench system that helped a soldier survive.


Dressing Stations Provided immediate medical treatment to the seriously injured, who were then moved back behind the lines. Firing Trench This 7 foot deep ditch at the front of the system provided cover for the most exposed troops.

The Great War | WW1 Online Series

Support Trench Dug to yards behind the main firing trench, the support trench was a valuable second line of defence. Reserve Trench Further back, several hundred yards behind the support trench, the reserve trenches stored supplies and offered a little more comfort to troops en route to the front. Communication Trenches Connecting the entire network, a lattice of communication trenches enabled soldiers to travel quickly; keeping the army, its supplies, its reinforcements — and its casualties — on the move.

Life behind the lines On average, the British Tommy spent almost half his time behind this line of trenches. Could things have been different? Even in the so-called quiet moments, trench life witnessed a steady trickle of death and maiming. Canada and the First World War. Day-to-Day Work Following morning stand-to, inspection, and breakfast, soldiers undertook any number of chores, ranging from cleaning latrines to filling sandbags or repairing duckboards. Dangerous Nighttime Activity Nighttime in the trenches was both the busiest and the most dangerous.

Out of The Trenches Out of The Trenches
Out of The Trenches Out of The Trenches
Out of The Trenches Out of The Trenches
Out of The Trenches Out of The Trenches
Out of The Trenches Out of The Trenches

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