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Offer Personal Training for Women | Steps to Greatness

Get updates on our newest content and upcoming events sent directly to your inbox. The lesson is simple, rely on current intelligence, evaluate all options and leave memories in the past. Why was I able to act only when forced to do so? Because once my situation had changed, I was able to look forward; there was no going back. We can each achieve the greatness we dream of, but sometimes we need that final straw to free us to act.

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5 Steps to Greatness

Check out the latest Insider stories here. From Our Partners. More from the IDG Network. It is easier to speak highly of another colleague than oneself. Share personal success by focusing the dialogue on how your accomplishment benefits the organization. As a chef, you have the opportunity and I would promote — the responsibility to pass on what we know and guide others through the process of learning and growing.

12 Steps to Greatness: How to Live a Life of Excellence for Yourself and Others

Great chefs take this opportunity seriously and plan the time for this to happen, at some level, every day. Know what you intend to accomplish each day, write it down, review it frequently, share the plan with others, and measure your success every day. Your standards define who you are, how the business will be perceived, and the level of respect that your staff will have for you.

Greatness involves perseverance and loyalty to your stakes in the ground. The best leaders shine as great communicators. Work on this — improve your communication skills that include vocabulary, confidence with public speaking, writing memos and proposals, spelling, the tone of your communications, well thought —out statements, critique, and even your body language. Your employees, peers, and guests are always watching and learning to anticipate how you will communicate.

Never confuse respect for a sign of weakness — it is the greatest sign of strength. Respect your vendors and they will take care of you, respect your ingredients and farmers will show their gratitude and your employees will follow suit, respect all employees as people even though you may need to point out their mistakes and shortcomings, respect those whom you work for and demonstrate your understanding of how difficult their job is, and respect the guest even when their requests may create some angst in the kitchen.

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Respect is a sign of greatness. However successful your operation may be, however happy your guests may be with the product that comes from your kitchen, and however perfect a service might unfold — it can always be better. Great chefs are always reminding their stakeholders about this and leading them in the direction of excellence.

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It is so easy to point to problems and mistakes. It is so common to find managers looking for opportunities to recognize others shortcomings. It is much easier to invest the time in finding people doing something right — no matter how small the task. The power of catching someone doing something right and giving them recognition for this is limitless.

Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness Steps for greatness
Steps for greatness

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