Stolen Heiress

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Stolen Heiress

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Then she felt a cold hand lifting her chin up, and cold eyes stare into her emerald green eyes. I finally have my dear Hicca said Viggo.

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She yanked her face away from his grip and he laughed at her resistance. If your gonna kill me just get over with said Hicca.

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Ryker laughed. Then a hand brush through her hair moving her bangs out her face. Viggo was looking at her with a smug look Oh no, my dear Hicca, killing you would be oh too easy said Viggo. His hand slowly slipped from her hair. I have oh so many other plans for you said Viggo. Viggo looked at his brother then nods. She was confused until she felt the ropes off one of her wrist.

Then the knife traveled up her back ripping her tunic as it went. No, I can't let see me naked thought Hicca.

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Viggo looked her with deadly eyes. But Hicca refused to be raped. Don't fight us little dragon said Viggo. The more you do, the more it will hurt said Viggo. Then he cuts into the first layer of the throat causing her to bleed. Then Ryker kissed her neck and grab her nipples trying to get her hard. But none of it was pleasurable for her. Now Ryker don't be too rough with her said Viggo. Are you serious said Ryker. She and her riders cost us almost everything said, Ryker.

Now here you are treating her like she's something special said Ryker, Because she is special Ryker said Viggo. One said, Ryker. That's right said Viggo.

Stolen Heiress

Now let's have some fun with our new toy said Viggo, Then he rips the rest of her clothes off. Please just stop begs Hicca, But they didn't and then she was completely naked.

Yes, we have a girl with many gifts said Viggo. A girl that been blessed upon us said Viggo.

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W-what are you going to do to me? Asks Hicca. I'm not going to hurt you said Viggo. I don't believe you after what you and your brother just tried to do to me said Hicca. Me and my brother get carried away Hicca said Viggo. But if you submit to me Hicca, I promise you no harm will come to you said Viggo.

What are you going to do to me if I submit to you?


What am I saying yes to exactly? Before I tell you quick question are you able to bear a child? I don't know I haven't gotten pregnant yet and why do need to know Viggo said Hicca. Because I needy healthy heirs from my tribe and I imagine yours does as well say Viggo. I guess said Hicca. What if I refuse? Do you really want to know that will turn out? So many lives would be lost because of your refusal to marry me said Viggo.

Okay okay, i'll marry you said Hicca. I'll marry you if you promise no to harm Toothless or attack Berk and it's dragon said Hicca. On my word my dear but you know you'll never see any of them ever again said Viggo. I figured as much said Hicca. You can never leave me you understand? Said Viggo.

You're mine Hicca Haddock until the day I die said Viggo. Yes said Hicca. Good said Hicca. Then Viggo kissed her roughly and then moved to her neck. He laughed before pulling away. I guess I should save this for our wedding night said Viggo.

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I'll have a room and bath prepared for you said Viggo. But one thing before I let you leave said Viggo. She was led out of the room by the same men that led her away from her cell. They took her to a nicely decorated room. The men left and locked the door. After her bath, she donned the nightgown and helped herself to some food. She ate and then went to bed. The thought about how she now had to marry a man that traps and sells dragons.

Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress
Stolen Heiress

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