Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)

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Spectacular Adventures chronicles two years in the lives of some of the East Coast's best surfers as they travel via land, air and sea sampling some of the most majestic wavescapes the world has to Lines from a poem offers an original and compelling perspective into the art of classical longboarding on the East Coast of Australia.

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The film celebrates the joy that lies at the very centre of a surfing King Neptunes of the Southern Seas is a journey into the lives of 3 ostentatious elderly soul surfers who live for surfing in the southern antipodes. Proto-point surf of California dreams; birthplace of hotdogging; glamorous symbol of the world's imagined California lifestyle; spawning ground of the surf-caper; one-time home to Gidget, Moondoggie Boardroom is a must see movie for any surf history aficionado, featuring an unbelievable first person narrative of the most influential surfboard shapers of all times. In Tahiti everything is beautiful.

The story of three California surfers who decided to bring to life an epic challenge thrown down by one of surfing's greatest stylists. See surfers and foil-boarders, tow-in surfing iconic waves like Jaws and G-Land. European Surf Journal is part surf movie and part travel documentary featuring both pro and amateur surfers from around the globe, surfing some of the most unique surf spots on the planet.

The Big Swell follows the life cycle of a massive winter swell from its birth in the heart of a violent storm in the North Pacific through to its death throes in the form of giant waves breaking at The Surf Stronger program focuses on three key areas: improving flexibility, increasing power, and developing core strength. With the Surf Stronger program you will catch more waves, be less prone to All athletes require good core strength to perform at their best.

Surf Stronger - Core Training provides key surf-specific workouts to build strength, stability and endurance in your core. A six month trip by Gauchos del mar brothers across the Patagonia Region. New waves discovered, new friends, patagonic culture, unique animals and a journey to Isla de los Estados in search of new The Women and the Waves documents the female surfing experience through the lives of ten women from age 17 to The film pays tribute to pioneers who paved the way and recognition to the everyday The Women and the Waves 2 is a documentary surf film that celebrates women and their unique approach to surfing and life.

The film looks at the state of surfing today from a feminine perspective and It's not just a surf movie, it's an adventure. This true classic from features incredible surfing performances. A one of a kind, visually stunning surfing film from Greg Huglin. Shot entirely on film in epic Hawaiian conditions this video will leave you booking the next flight out to your favorite tropical Surfing Dolphins crosses the liquid line that separates us from them.

It's a stunning labor of love--fourteen years in the making--with visuals that will elicit gasps of wonder and awe. Watch an international team of tow surfers ride a virgin wave at a remote offshore reef during the giant winter swells. The Sickest Event on the Planet returned, and lived up to its reputation as competitors were treated to pumping foot surf.

Pig Dog Pirates in the land of lovely lefts is an event video like no other. A once in a lifetime trip for a handful of the world's best surfers under the age of These lucky kids got to surf the craziest right-hander in the world, along with two of the most talented The long awaited production of Globe's first surf movie, showcasing never before seen footage of the surfing, lifestyle and characters of the sports most influential personalities.

Escape the harried pace of life in The States and trade it for a nomadic adventure filled with surfing, fishing, exploring, and playing guitars around the campfire. Greg Noll made a number of films when he wasn't out there surfing, and here he collaborates with Brown to rekindle the memories. Check out Malibu on the best day of the year. From the creator of the Wave Warriors series in the '80s, as well as 75 other surf titles, Fletcher Films now takes you on a behind the scenes look at the awesome water patrol of Tahiti's treacherous Hi, this is Herb.

I'd like to take you on a surf adventure as I see it through the eye of my camera. First stop California's classic Rincon. I put the camera in my water housing and paddled out The Cosmic Children are the dynamic, space age surfers of the 's who 'feel the juice' of the ocean's swell's. They are 50 of the most well known surfers from around the world. The story of an adventurous skate photographer who sets out to capture a story for the pages of Wonder Rolling News.

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With his job on the line, we hit the road with a band of skaters to visit some of The L. Times called this film, "A stunningly photographed celebration of the beauty and joy of surfing. The best surfing of the 's filmed in Hawaii, California, and Australia. Fast paced, action packed, breathtaking surfing. With footage of the biggest California surf in 10 years. Six foot grinding barrels at never before filmed Supertubes.

A film-noir surfing documentary based on the conflicts, challenges and rewards brought on by the discovery of a giant wave off the Oregon coast.

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  3. Leader to Leader (LTL), Enduring Insights on Leadership from the Drucker Foundations Award-Winning Journal (J-B Leader to Leader Institute/PF Drucker Foundation);
  4. Gnarly Wave Volume Three.

The finest surfers from Santa Barbara and Ventura come to life in the movie. Filmed completely in Santa Barbara and Ventura, California. Aqua Luna has an all-star cast of interviews that brings us the unique perspective of the surfers featured. Bliss features Ratboy antics flying all over the Santa Cruz. These are the hardworking pro surfers who don't get enough recognition. In The Bro Tape, these professionals get their due. They might not be the biggest names in the industry, but they still surf And a dude who falls aleep on the couch! An instant surf comedy classic. Keala Kennely shows why she is such a good surfer charging the sickest tubes at Teahoopo.

No woman has ever charged as hard as Keala at Teahopoo.

Weird Waves Season 1: The Eisbach (Germany) - Surf - VANS

The wipeouts are also spectacular. Flight Academy is part instructional, part action video. Ratboy plays host and breaks down the art of air surfing. This is the story of M10 surfboards and their team as they travel to Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii and back home in the chilly waters of Santa Cruz.

They rip, they shred and they live and die by the wave. Roid takes the sequel of Punk Rock Surfers to new levels! His acting hasn't gotten any better but it's just as loud, and this time all the other surfers punk up. Dane Reynolds throws up some huge airs. Tom Curren blends old school power with impeccable style. Bobby Martinez has an extended session of going off wave after wave at Rincon Point. Kelly Slater Hosted by Shawn Barney Barron as his alter ego and introduces the surfing segments that include epic Pipeline, maxing Santa Cruz Harbor and the biggest Mavericks ever surfed.

Ratboy does the biggest Surfing is Life - the rest is details! Enjoy surfing from all over the world. Starring Kelly Slater in South Africa!

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Ratboy in Santa Cruz and Hawaii shredding! Josh Pomer again navigates the waters of comedy and jackass before there was a Jackass. Stunts include the dollar fishing trick, homeless rants, and raves and travel riots. Just as Ratboy launched the very first backside air, The Kill helped launch the careers of Ratboy and Flea.

One of the best selling surfing videos of all time. Thousands of Kill fans scooped up The Kill 2 with alacrity. And for good reason. The Kill 3 is almost two hours long, making it the longest Kill movie. Pomer includes not only mass footage, but also behind-the-scenes fun and games.

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  • Ratboy, no longer an unknown wave rider, is now one of the most sought-after surfers in the world. Josh Pomer scores exclusive and reclusive legends like Kelly Slater and Tom Curren in their home elements. Curren surfs at his home break the only surfer in the water at his private point break.

    Curren is still the man and Pomer manages to score some sick sessions with the most stylish surfer in the world. Another surfer who has burst onto the scene is Santa Barbara enigma Bobby Martinez.

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    The last Kill movie. Surfer Magazine called it amazing and a must-see. Pomer and Tom Curren went on a huge tour showing the movie while Curren played music live to the movie. Every show sold out. The textures of the film are moody and emotional. The music is sublime and flows with the surfing combining to make for a unique surfing film experience. A documentary about one day of surfing at the Teahopoo.

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    This was not just any day, it was the biggest day in history. The Jack Johnson short film of Kelly Slater riding a door is epic. Composite technition and renowned surfboard repairer, Bart Watkins exposes trade secrets to achieve invisible ding repairs in this all revealing video. Zen and the art of the wave, the world's foremost pioneer surfers show the soul of surfing is in the life force of the ocean. The Pursuit, is a progressive and inspirational surf movie that reflects the lives of a new generation of surfers.

    Heralded as the finest surf movie ever made, Five Summer Stories is a cultural icon, a time capsule from a watershed era when the world was at a critical crossroads and its reflection was clear in the It shows the first professional international surf contest in Brazil, held at Arpoador Beach in Rio de Janeiro. It also shows the Smirnoff Pro in The film shows the adventure of Brazilians and international surfers in diferent locations around the word. The Sunshine Sea is a surfing film about the changes that have raised the art of surfing from the limitations of the past to the free and easy harmony of the s.

    Bill and George Bryan, the 10th St. Bros, have finalized another epic chapter in skimboarding history with the release of their newest film, Cloud 9. One hour long, this is the video Ununh, all of the Bill and George Bryan, the infamous 10th Street Bros.

    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1) Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)
    Surfing the Timeless Wave (Vol1)

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