The Egyptian Mau cat

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In fact, they love any play activity that mimics hunting behavior. Indoor-only Maus, the only kind recommended by most enthusiasts, will sometimes leave gifts of well-killed catnip mice on the pillows of their favorite people. Be sure to give your Mau lots of pettings and praise, and perhaps a treat or two, for these presents; Maus will be upset, and quite confused, if their generous gifts are coldly rejected.

While not overly talkative, Maus will let their humans know if something is amiss, particularly if that something concerns food dishes. Their voices are usually melodious and quiet. If you show your Mau you can be trusted, your Mau will shower you with love and loyalty.

Once they bond with their preferred persons, they want to be worshipped by their chosen family rather than by the entire human race. The ancient Egyptians are the first people to leave extensive evidence of their alliance with domestic cats—an affiliation that developed at least 5, years ago, according to Egyptian writings, statues, and bas-reliefs.

Presumably, cats were first welcomed for their ability to keep rodents away from stores of grain and thus prevent famine, and for their ability to kill snakes.

However, later Egyptian domestic cats became beloved household companions, and then sacred animals associated with the gods. Evidence in the form of depictions, paintings, and sculptures shows that spotted cats existed during the time of the Egyptian cat cult, and some believe that the predecessor of the Mau was the same cat worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. A papyrus painting dating around b. In b.

Breed Characteristics

If, as some fanciers believe, the Egyptian Mau is a living artifact of that ancient era, then the Mau is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cat. Characteristics common to modern Maus can be seen in papyrus paintings, right down to the random spots. Egyptian Maus joined the European cat fancy in the early s. Fanciers in Italy, Switzerland, and France worked to develop the breed; however, as it did many pedigreed breeds, World War II decimated the Egyptian Mau population, and by the mids the Mau was almost extinct. The efforts of thea exiled Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy brought the Mau back from the brink of extinction.

While in Italy, she rescued some of the few remaining specimens. She was also instrumental in importing at least one Mau from Egypt via the Syrian Embassy. In , Troubetskoy immigrated to the United States, bringing with her three Maus bred from her original stock. Upon arrival, Troubetskoy established the Fatima Egyptian Mau Cattery, and began to promote the breed.

Because of the small gene pool and because additional Maus were almost impossible to obtain from Egypt, a certain amount of inbreeding and out-crossing were required to continue the breed in North America. Selective breeding for temperament was also a priority, since disposition problems were noted in some bloodlines.

Today, all major associations accept the Mau. Medium long and graceful, showing well developed muscular strength. Loose skin flap extending from flank to hind leg knee. General balance is more to be desired than size alone. Allowance to be made for muscular necks and shoulders in adult males.


Egyptian Mau Cat

Slightly rounded wedge without flat planes, medium in length. Not full-cheeked. Profile showing a gentle contour with slight rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Entire length of nose even in width when viewed from the front.

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Medium to large, alert and moderately pointed, continuing the planes of the head. Broad at base. Slightly flared with ample width between the ears. Hair on ears short and close lying. Inner ear a delicate, almost transparent, shell pink. May be tufted. Large and alert, almond shaped, with a slight slant towards the ears.

The Egyptian Mau

Skull apertures neither round nor oriental. Eye color gooseberry green. Allowance is made for changing eye color, with some discernible green by eight months of age and full green eye color by one and one half years of age. Preference given at all ages for greener eyes. Legs and feet in proportion to body.

Hind legs proportionately longer, giving the appearance of being on tip-toe when standing upright. Numerous bronze votive statuettes have also survived, such as the Gayer-Anderson cat now housed in the British Museum. Cats were also cherished as pets, and mourned upon their death. Tombs of the kings revealed not only mummified cats but toys and food as well.

Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information

Many historical experts believe that artwork of the ancient Egyptians clearly identifies the Egyptian Mau. The Egyptian Mau is the oldest and the only naturally occurring breed of spotted domestic cats, a group that includes Ocicats, Bengals, Savannahs and Safari cats.

I LOVE Egyptian Mau Cat

First-time Mau owners are said to become so enchanted with this spotted breed that they almost always want more than one. As a rule, the Egyptian Mau is an intelligent and active cat. They are fiercely loyal and devoted to their human companions, and are known to form very strong bonds with their owners. Mau kittens adapt easily to new situations, but an adult Mau cat who has already bonded with a family may experience a challenging adjustment period when going to a new home.

The Egyptian Mau has a soft, melodious voice and is known to use it to express happiness. The beautiful Egyptian Mau is a medium size cat with well developed muscles and athletic grace. The large, slightly almond-shaped eyes are in a distinctive gooseberry green shade.

The Egyptian Mau cat The Egyptian Mau cat
The Egyptian Mau cat The Egyptian Mau cat
The Egyptian Mau cat The Egyptian Mau cat
The Egyptian Mau cat The Egyptian Mau cat
The Egyptian Mau cat The Egyptian Mau cat

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