The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray

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Finding the time. I get up very early in order to get writing done. But it also costs money to have it done right. Budgeting has helped me out a lot. The entire experience has been great as a whole.

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But definitely take the time to learn the best route to go about doing this. To my current readers I say, thank you for taking the time and giving me a chance. I put my heart, sweat and sometimes tears into my writing and I hope you enjoy it. I am so glad to be able to meet you and I hope you continue this journey with me. Sarcasm and a funny threat make me laugh, I stay away from anything that can make me cry. Do not read if this material is a trigger for you. Has several sex scenes along with scenes of a sensitive nature. Amazon Author Page. We settled in the south though. I really love it, although I do wish we got a bit more snow.

I had a typical education, married young and I have three children ranging from adult to toddler. My latest book released today, The Fallen. I am working on the next book.

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I hope to have that ready for beta readers soon. Now seriously considering a twelve step program for her e-Reader addiction, she feeds her fascination for make believe with new literary offerings via said e-Reader, has a passion for dark chocolate, sweet tea and Heavy Metal music.

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys - Spoiler Free Review

She is the proud mother of a downright spectacular daughter who was head banging in the belly and lives with the belief that the mind where the imagination lives is a far more entertaining place than TV or movies ever will be. Snow currently resides in Central Florida and has been in the administrative office field for twenty nine years. In addition, I am re-releasing my first book as a limited edition offering on the same day, which will have a deleted scene, alternate ending and six never before read interviews of the main characters.

My first work came out December I began writing it in June of that same year. The story was in my head for over twenty years, but I needed life to slow down a bit before I tackled it. After picking up reading again after a long hiatus from it, I remembered this story I wanted to write and decided to give it a shot. I wanted to separate myself out from the usual pack and have my books make you think. My books are based and written around a theme.

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  7. All of them carry a message, but the main one for my main character is that we are defined in this life by the choices in which we make. Valentine and Cherrie Lynn. A co-worker of mine who also writes for relaxation. She read what I wrote in raw format and loved it. It would be a dream come true. Oh yes, after reading, believe it or not, Fifty Shades of Grey, I knew my story could work.

    Different sub-genre entirely, but learning how E. I learned a lot.

    Patricia Gilliam

    They owe a large part of it to one of the greatest managers in music, Doc Madison. His assistant, the beautiful, yet ruthlessly mean and efficient Angela Ramirez is his right hand. A strict, uncompromising rule has been issued with regards to all things romantic for his assistant and any client he represents. She is off limits. Musicians live the lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll and make no apologies for it. The last thing he wants to see is her suffering from a broken heart because one of them used her just to add a notch to their bedposts.

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    Magnetic charm, fascination, allurement, enticement and the subtle attraction to each other has always been the case between Drake Mitchell and Angela Ramirez. Attraction is a dangerous thing, for it most inevitably leads into temptation.

    A. B. England's Blog - A. B. England

    When the two collide, all one can do is succumb to the pleasure and magnetic force that acts between oppositely charged bodies, tending to draw them together. This is a brief glimpse into the life of a music superstar with a panty combusting smile and a gorgeous Latin beauty who holds her own and makes no apologies, for anything. This is the story of their…. Keeping all the characters in my head separated and telling all of their stories at the same time is the biggest. He just has a way of getting in your head and sticking around for a while.

    Ward also has the same impact on me, although, never in a million years did I think I would dig on reading about vampires. I learn something new with every book I put out. There is always something new to learn. Whether it be grammar, syntax, writing style, formatting, etc. Fiona: Is there one person past or present you would meet and why? I name drop a lot in my books. The places, stories take me too are much nicer.

    Fiona : If you were not a writer, what else would you like to have done? My best friend, Kate Thomas has been nagging at me to try it out. So I shall! April Turns out I love it. I was just messing around before, trying to see if writing was my thing. I live through my characters when I write, so my style is very specific. I call myself a sensory writer because if I smell it, see it, touch it or taste it while diving into the lives of my peeps, you will too.

    Once I do, that becomes the title. Second chance love is available to everyone. My first marriage ended in a fiery divorce that hurt tremendously. I think in finding my current hubby, and living the best life every, I want women to know that the joy comes in the morning — the sun will rise on your pain — and another special someone will bring a smile to your face and warmth in your heart again. There is a TON of me in the books, my silly phrases, my cursing, my friends names and their profession, but the actual experiences?

    I need to start living… obviously! It has all of the elements that force me to kick my calendar to the curb and enjoy myself. Romance, suspense, strong characters and some crazy plot twists. I can just exhale and be myself completely around her. It currently is. My latest book was Judged, which tells the story of an slightly overweight chef and a Mafia gym owner.

    Not really. I struggle a little with being a Romance writer who sprinkles sex into my books. I love sex in literature and real life, but I think the story for me is more a matter of the heart. The sex is part of the passion that might drive two people together, but I want their change or turning toward one another to be about many things… including the sex. So I struggle with classifying my books as erotica verse romance, because believe it or not — those marketing platforms look very, very different.

    The Inside Out Series

    Nope, though I will be traveling for fun in the future. I have an eight year plan to get this book writing thing to be my mainstay and then… I am picking up and traveling around the world with my laptop in tow!

    I have to allow myself full freedom to write fast and openly without worrying about spelling or grammar. Not me. It stunts my flow and jacks me up nicely. I just write and pay someone to edit the book. Keep at it.

    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray
    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray
    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray
    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray
    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray
    The Hannaria Series Book 1:  Out of the Gray The Hannaria Series Book 1: Out of the Gray

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