Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)

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It focuses on sexual fulfillment as a goal rather than a byproduct of a relationship. It is important to also note that children, produced by an adulterous union, are quite frankly a grievous nuisance. Verse 20 is transitional. If a society has established the inner, middle, and outer boundaries of godly sexuality, it is this portion of the middle boundary that collapses first in society.

Once the middle boundary has collapsed, the outer and inner boundaries collapse soon afterward. I bring this up now before I discuss the outer boundary, because the outer boundary is best understood from the viewpoint of the collapse of the middle boundary and its effect on society and the land. I understand, of course, that individuals within that culture may have disregarded them, but both our laws and popular consensus supported them.

This was even higher than the Jewish marriage because it included one wife. The ancient practice of polygamy was abandoned through the teaching of Jesus and the effective ministry of the Holy Spirit in the lives of men. Towards the beginning of the century our nation, following the lead of Europe, adopted the doctrines of higher criticism that began to tear away at the Bible.

Science embraced the theory of evolution and turned away from God. The church, caught by surprise, retreated and disconnected itself from our culture. It was no longer an active force. People were set free from God, and shortly thereafter, sexual intercourse was set free from marriage. Sex became autonomous and recreational. Somewhere, someone got the idea that romantic attraction was the proper foundation for a lasting relationship and sold it to us. The movie entertainers and artists, the purveyors of this message, were the first to suffer a string of divorces and remarriages, but we ignored the evidence, and we accepted the lie.

The middle boundary began to collapse.

By Marilyn Campbell - Marilyn Campbell

The sexual revolution of the s marked the near total destruction of the middle boundary of godly sexuality. Sex became completely autonomous. People began to live together without long-term commitment.

Unnatural Relations

Masters and Johnson studied human sexual response using the real thing as well as some artificial machines to let them observe what otherwise could not be observed. Marriages began to fail by the score. Unwed teenagers became pregnant. Children became a nuisance. Then The Joy of Sex appeared in the bookstores.

Sex became so explicit, so open, such a good seller of merchandise, that society maintained a constant low-level state of sexual arousal.

Stolen Child

The outer and inner boundaries began to fall. As the middle boundary crumbled, grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and brothers sexually molested family members. I do not know a single person who is not personally aware of an incident. Putting a stop to this, however, is very difficult.

In the middle of Leviticus 18 is a verse that is seemingly out of place. What could this possibly have to do in the context of unlawful sexual unions?


The Boundaries of Godly Sexuality (Leviticus ) | tritconmanicat.cf

I think this is the first phase of the destruction of the outer boundary of godly sexuality. It means that children are no longer safe when the middle boundary falls. In , the Supreme Court handed down its Roe v.

Rich Wilkerson, Jr. — Love On The Weekend: Let's Talk About Sex

Wade decision. Hear it, instead, from someone who views it from a pro-abortion position.

See a Problem?

Among some animals, then, infant killing appears to be a natural practice. Could it be natural for humans, too—a trait inherited from our primate ancestors? When we hear that some mother has killed her own baby, we are horrified and assume she must be deranged. Some killers, of course, are sick. I do not believe there is much difference between offering children to Molech and offering them up to abortion.

For different reasons and different conclusions, Barbara Burke does not believe there is much difference either. As the outer boundary began to crumble with the destruction of children, as sex became autonomous, sexual experience between members of the same sex was an unavoidable next step. Here is why: if your sexual goal is pleasure independent of marriage, and your sexual freedom comes from denying its wrongness, there is no foundation left to judge an alternate practice.

Consequently, many homosexuals are begging for us to be compassionate and accepting. What follows is an extended quote from Dr. Edward W. Bauman, a prominent Methodist television minister,. I was prepared for trouble, but the intensity of the storm took me completely by surprise. As the time for the TV taping approached, however, I began to prepare, working hard to make up for lost time. The preparation included covering the books on a long reading list and talking with numerous individuals—straights and gays, medical doctors and psychiatrists, ministers and members of their congregation, men and women, young and old, Christians and Jews.

I prayed and meditated, and began to share some of my ideas with other members of the Christian community. Then I presented the TV program and preached the sermon, suggesting among other things that we need to express compassion and acceptance toward the homosexuals among us. The intensity of the anger I encountered almost swept me off my feet!

The deep primal feelings many of us have on the subject have been so repressed that when we are confronted with them, they break out like a pent up storm. Bauman is talking about is part of the outer boundary. We must remember that once upon a time our culture had deep primal feelings concerning adultery, premarital sex, divorce, and abortion too. This verse marks the current line in our culture today. We are not there yet in a widespread way, although bestiality occurs frequently in pornographic books.

If our nation accepts homosexuality as it has accepted adultery and abortion, bestiality will be next. Perhaps it will have mythic overtones, such as Zeus in the form of a bull. This should be sobering to a lust-filled society. This is not Israel violating its covenant with God. This is God looking at Gentile Canaan, seeing how it has defiled the land and is casting Gentile Canaan out.

This is a universal principle, not a covenant principle. God judges all nations alike. Acts contains the text of the letter from the Church in Jerusalem to the Gentile believers accepting them into the church without binding them to Jewish Law. You will do well to avoid these things. As we read Romans f. May God have mercy on us. This passage in Romans follows the same course as the passage in Leviticus does—line by line practically.

Once homosexuality is accepted, it seems all kinds of wickedness can be expected to break out. Quite frankly, I believe the Lord has given us as a nation over to our sinful desires. The spread of adultery, pre-marital and casual sex, abortion and homosexuality is the result of our nation turning from the Lord.

He has given us as a nation over to the sinful desires of our hearts. It is very hard for us as individuals and as a church to remain pure in such a society, as the problems in the Corinthian church demonstrate. It is hard, but not impossible. I do not know if we can turn our country around or not. We must examine our own attitudes toward sexuality. If not, can we change? We are confronted by spiritual warfare on three fronts in the area of sexuality. First, there is our flesh, which is all too willing to have autonomous sex that is released from association with marriage.

Humanism tells us that autonomous sex is okay. It tells us that homosexual sex is okay. It tells us that killing our children is okay. This is the work of Satan through humanist leaders in our country. If you are losing the battle with your flesh, whether it craves heterosexual or homosexual experiences outside the three boundaries of godly sexuality, you can overcome through living by the Spirit Galatians This section of Galatians contains much more for you to meditate upon and ponder. Against Satan, we have the truth of the Scriptures and the gospel.

If we are faithful and true to our message, we will be heard.

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The message must be presented in all forms: books, music, painting, dance, and the performing arts. Let us instill godliness in our children and encourage their interests in journalism, politics, the arts, and science. By participating in the full spectrum of culture, we can push back the hold humanism has on it.

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Against the world, we need a pure and obedient church. People may be compatible when they first marry, but over the years, they change.

Our need to obey the Lord does not change. We can learn to be compatible with a person. I hear about the peer pressure our children are under.

Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)
Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1) Unnatural Relations (Lust and Lies Series, Book 1)

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